About the Campaign

In November, 2007, the Sandzén Foundation Board of Directors embarked on a $3 million capital campaign to extend, enlarge, and enhance the legacy of Birger Sandzén.

From the Chairs:

"In his work he achieved an excellence that few in any profession will ever attain. In his life he provided a template that all of us can emulate. Our hope is that the museum can continue to tell both of these compelling stories to a world that needs to see his art and a public that needs to learn about his life.”

Mark & Stacy Parkinson, Honorary Campaign Chairs

Contact Info

For more information about the Campaign you can reach us in several ways:

P.O. Box 348
Lindsborg, KS 67456
(785) 227-2220 (office)
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Recent Campaign Newsletters
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October, 2009

June, 2009

Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery Capital Campaign

Since 1957, the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery has showcased and shared the art of Birger Sandzén and his contemporaries as well as local, regional and nationally recognized guest artists and group exhibitions with the public. This campaign celebrates our 50-year jubilee and will enable us to:

Extend the creative and cultural influence of the Gallery through outreach and education,

Enlarge exhibition offerings and collections through conservation and acquisition, and

Enhance the presentation of our collections through building renovations and exterior improvements.

(Governor Mark Parkinson at the Gallery this winter. Photo by Jim Richardson, Lindsborg.)

Today, as the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery enters the second half of a century, your support for the campaign will not only preserve the legacy of great artists and artistry, but it will help connect future generations with the inspirational works of Sandzén and many of his contemporaries.

Current Status (as of 2/19/2010)

To date, the Gallery has gathered $1,353,861 toward the goals of the campaign.

Honorary Chairs: Governor Mark and Stacy Parkinson

Campaign Chair: Randee Koger

Campaign Director: Clay Myers-Bowman

What Others are Saying...

"Like many who grew up in Lindsborg, there has always been a presence of Birger Sandzén in my life. My parents and grandmother had Sandzén prints in their homes. My grandmother, Albertha Sundstrom, remembered Dr. Sandzén quite well. She often talked about the times she attended his art lectures and, as a benefit, received a print from him. My childhood home was just one block from the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery, and I frequently went to exhibitions at the Gallery. For me, Birger Sandzén’s legacy was a continuing legacy that engendered an appreciation of the fine arts in one’s life, and for that, I will be forever grateful."

Bruce Karstadt, President/CEO, The American-Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, Minn.

“Birger Sandzén was a unique phenomenon in the story/history of Midwestern Art. Sandzén is the area's sole representative of Modernism in the early twentieth century, combining the innovations of Vincent Van Gogh with the brilliant coloristic contributions of Matisse and the Fauves. The landscapes he created of the Midwest are magnificent, as were those he painted in both Colorado and Utah where he also taught, and where he passed on the impact of Modernism during the 1920’s.”

Dr. William Gerdts, Senior Advisor in American Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts